The CitiNet Vision

In 1996, my first experience in Networking was using the Polytech's BNC LAN which consisted of lightening fast Novell Netware network which booted dozens of Windows 3.1 desktops off the LAN using NE2000 bootroms. At home I started with Bulleten Boards and later then discovered the wonders of this thing called the internet using a 14.4kbit modem which was great for static web pages, animated gifs and IRC chatting, but downloading the huge 8Mbyte Quake 1 demo took several hours. As I started to futher understand networks, I started to dream about how we could use the same ultra fast BNC LAN not only down the street, but eventually to the entire town. The options would open up for direct communications with the local shops so I could place an order for food, and have it delivered and pay cash, or how in future we could listen to our favourite songs on demand or even watch tv/movies.

This was the start of the CitiNet dream, the technical ideas how to physically network an entire city using high speed LAN technology and then add integrated features on top such as the ability local phone calls, video calls like on Demolition Man, plus browse the internet and other connected bulliten boards at ultra fast speeds. It was the start of the idea for Anything, Anytime, Anywhere. Alas most of these services and been created, however in my view only to a very small percentage of their potential and I believe there is plenty of room for future R&D and growth in all connected services.

So this is the CitiNet vision and the bearing of the name CitiNet....however for now, CitiNet remains as the technical know-how to network a city.