About CitiNet

CitiNet is an IT consultancy specializing in Network & Security IT Infrastructure Services & Solutions. Specifically Technical Expertise in networking (switches, routers, load balancers, LANs/WANs, IP routing), security infrastructure (CheckPoint, firewalls, IPS, VPN, IPSEC, SSL, applied crypto), server integration (linux, Microsoft Windows, BSD Unix), internet and branch office connectivity, and core application integration (AD, email).

CitiNet was incorporated in New Zealand in 2009 with experience dating back to 1998. CitiNet focuses on delivering high tech, creative and innovative solutions to meet complex technical challenges. CitiNet has the technical know-how in a diverse set of IT services, hardware, software, sales and solutions through many years in system integration, contracting & onsite support. CitiNet is based in Gisborne, and is available to travel to Wellington or Auckland for short or long term engagements.

CitiNet Services

  • CitiNet Consulting is the forward planning of Network & Security Infrastructure Design, Build, Solutions, Architecture, Auditing and Documentation.
  • CitiNet Engineering is the operational side, covering reactive faults, system integration, complex fault resolution, system upgrades, new installations, disaster recoveries, etc.
  • CitiNet Solutions involves the complete supply and service of small business solutions.

Engagements are direct to any business or sub-contracted via an IT consulting company or contracting agency.

Current Products: Network & Security Consulting & Engineering (consulting, integration, contracting).

Retired Products: CitiNet Wordpress & Managed Web Site Hosting, CitiNet Solutions (product sales)

Knowledge Base: Is our free knowledge base of theory, research and technical know-how notes for network & security engineers.


Managing Director
Senior Network & Security Engineer since 2002
Certs: Novell CNE Netware 4,5,6, Groupwise 5.5, HP Engineer Cert, Cisco CCNA
Study: Advanced Certificate in Business Computing - AIT 1997
Experience: Contracting in IT since 1998
Expertise: Novell (RIP), CheckPoint FW1-R77/IPS/VPN/Url Filtering, F5, Cisco Nexus/Catalyst/Routers, Switching/Routing, LAN/MAN/WAN, IP Routing/Subnetting/NAT, Firewalls/VPNs/IPS, SSL/IPSEC/Encryption, Internet & WAN connectivity, Design, Integration, Windows, Centos, FreeBSD, Servers/HP, Custom hardware builds; Windows Core apps (exchange, sql), Web Apps (nginx, apache, mysql, lamp, php web apps), Firewalls (CheckPoint)
Major Contracts: Telecom / Computerland (1999-2001), Expert Solution Providers (2002-2004), NHS UK (2005), JPMorgan, Reuters, Cybercom UK (2006-8), IBM NZ (2011-12), Unisys (2015), Vodafone (DMZGlobal) (2016-present)
Consulting & Engineering: various * various via various


CitiNet Ltd
Est 2009
Post: Gisborne, 4010
Phone: Mobile , LandLine , e-Mail: enquiries (at) citinet.co.nz
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm, after hours till 10pm, weekends 9am-10pm, upgrades 24hr any day except xmas

The Website

CitiNet self-hosts this website which has been written using Bootstrap HTML code. This site only uses strong HTTPS encryption as a matter of principle as a security consultancy testing the limits. Encryption is a priviledge, not a right, so to meet this priviledge, one must be using a modern web browser.